At Yeti Research Co., we are a community of inspired individuals pushing one another to find our yeti. Our mission is clear....research and finding our yeti go hand in hand because one can not be done without the other. To find our yeti, we become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings by doing everyday research. Our yeti is the euphoric feeling we get when we're doing what we're passionate about. When we research, we strive to find this feeling again because it's that feeling which fuels our souls. Hence, we will never stop searching.

For us, that feeling comes when we're enjoying that perfect powder turn, tucking into a barrel during a hurricane swell, having the ultimate music experience, or capturing that photo we've been wanting forever. BUT FOR YOU, finding your yeti is going to be what you make it, and we are here to support your search. This can mean something different to everyone, but the end goal is the same. Aim to continually push yourself, seek to stay inspired, and always fuel your life's passions.

We are a dynamic lifestyle community that represents the Creative, the Positive, and the Active. Nothing in life is guaranteed. In turn, life revolves around unknown much like the myth of the yeti. While some are scared of this concept, we embrace it. Your time on Earth is short-lived...be different and join us in our research...

Our products are inspired by style and creativity, but never to compromise functionality. Research is done year round and our goal is to create goods and apparel to compliment all seasons.