Spy Rock Research Trip

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Spy Rock Research Trip

This past November, two of Yeti Research Company's founding fathers, Steve Mapp & Blaine Teets, journeyed along the Appalachian Trail for an overnight camp at the renowned Spy Rock.  The two hiked 6.5 miles in the dark not knowing what to expect.  Below 20 windchill, 40 mph wind gusts, and 13 miles total...the search for an epic sunrise was the ultimate reward.  "I wasn't expecting that long of a hike, much less the weather elements we faced. But, Steve was persistent about how dope the morning's sunrise would be.  At that moment, I needed a trip to clear my mind and get away.  I was definitely stoked I opted to do the hike." Blaine said.    

There are some advantages to living in the Mid-Atlantic.  The winter hits later and Fall sticks around a bit longer.  "It's one thing to hike and camp out during the spring & summer months.  But, we knew the temps were going to be dropping for this trip.  Since we didn't have any snow and none of the resorts were open, we did the next best thing...hike/camp in the cold.  We embraced it as a warm up for prepare for the snowboard season haha.  All in all, it was worth it I feel."  Mapp says.  

Check out the pictures from Steve and Blaine's trip.  Spy Rock, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia.  



Photos taken by:

Steve Mapp @spmapp

Blaine Teets @blaine_teets





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